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          Below you will find some of our past dogs that we've either produced or owned through the years. Each of them had a special place in our hearts. Some have moved on over the rainbow bridge while others have been retired and placed in wonderful pet homes.

Boston Terrier Image, CH. Sumac Himself Hercules

"Corky" - CH. Sumac Himself Hercules

          Corky was our foundation male and the cornerstone to our breeding program. He came to us from Sumac Reg'd Kennels and was the love of our lives. He was the dog that introduced us to this incredible breed and after meeting him we were hooked for life.

          Corky had an amazing personality and temperament and was a beautiful example of the breed. He finished quickly in the show ring and was a wonderful companion and a loyal friend to the end.

Corky's Pedigree

          Dude was Corky's grandson and another wonderful example of this breed. He earned his championship very quickly in the show ring, however his true love was merely laying by your side keeping you company.

          Dude produced some beautiful pups, some of which can be seen throughout our site in the family and photo galleries. We lost a part of our heart when our Dude passed on, but his essence lives on in his get.

Dude's Pedigree

Boston Terrier Image, CH. Bramley's Action Adventure

"Dude" - CH. Bramley's Action Adventure

Boston Terrier Image, Holinwalgang's Zsa Zsa

"Dallas" - Holinwalgang's Zsa Zsa

          Dallas was our little spitfire. She was built for cuddling and so didn't enjoy the show ring very much, opting instead to be a couch potato and constant companion.

           She was an amazing mother and loved pups, even those that weren't her own and was always there to lend a helping hand.

Dallas' Pedigree

          Walker and Dallas were litter mates although you wouldn't be able to tell as they were as different as night and day. She had many wonderful qualities including beautiful movement for the breed.

          Some of Walker's get can be seen throughout our website in the family and photo galleries.

Walker's Pedigree

Boston Terrier Image, CH. Halinwalgang's Reba

"Walker" - Ch. Holinwalgang's Reba

French Bulldog Image, CH. Robb Isle Cream Puff

"Tank" - CH. Robb Isle Cream Puff

          Tank was our foundation French Bulldog bitch and came to us from Robb Isle Reg'd Kennels. She finished quickly in the show ring and is retired now, being content with just being the queen of the house. A job she thoroughly enjoys.

          She has produced some wonderful pups of which some can be seen throughout our site.

Tank's Pedigree

          Diesel is our little clown and has brought much laughter into our lives. Retired now she is content with being Jacques' shadow and devoted pet.

           Some of her get can be seen throughout the site, including her son Maverick.

Diesel's Pedigree

French Bulldog Image, Hornerbrook's I'm No Cream Puff

"Diesel" - Hornerbook's I'm No Cream Puff (7 Pts)

Boston Terrier Image, CH. Hornerbrook's Perfect Target

"Precious" - CH. Hornerbrook's Perfect Target

          Precious was just that, Precious. She stole all of our hearts and was one of the most loving, affectionate and intelligent Boston Terriers we've ever owned.

          She is dearly missed and will always be in our hearts.

Precious' Pedigree

          Turbo was another one of our clowns who always kept us laughing. He finished his championship quickly and was a true showman who enjoyed stepping into the show ring and hamming it up.

           A little too closely related to be implemented into our breeding program we retired him. He now lives the life of riley with his new family.

Turbo's Pedigree

French Bulldog Image, CH. Hornerbrook's Mine All Mine

"Turbo" - CH. Hornerbook's Mine All Mine

Boston Terrier Image, Hornerbrook's Infalible Beauty

"Nitro" - Hornerbrook's Infalible Beauty

          Another one of our girls that stole our hearts. A very beautiful girl with great qualities of the breed. Enjoying the couch more then the show ring she was retired.

          You can see Nitro throughout the site since she never met a camera she didn't like.   ;-)   She has a wonderful temperament and characteristics of the breed.

Nitro's Pedigree

          She's fast, but never furious. One of the sweetest temperaments and personalities of any Frenchie we've ever met and a wonderful mother as well. Some of her pups can be seen throughout our site.


Nana's Pedigree

French Bulldog Image, Hornerbrook's Fast And Furious

"Nana" - Hornerbook's Fast And Furious

French Bulldog Image, RB's Lovebug At Hornerbrook

"Diego" - RB's Lovebug At Hornerbrook

          Our gentle fellow Diego was so laid back and easy going, preferring to sit in your lap to get some one on one attention. A true couch potato he never enjoyed being shown so we retired him.


Diego's Pedigree

          Kaboose had a gate that reminded us of a little train chugging along, which is where he got his name.

           He had a heart of gold and did his best to please you any way he could. A solid little fellow that produced some very beautiful pups.

Kaboose's Pedigree

Boston Terrier Image, CH. Robb Isle X Is Online

"Kaboose" - Ch. Robb Isle X Is Online

French Bulldog Image, Hornerbrook's Mon Tresor

"Kiefer" - Hornerbrook's Mon Tresor

          A very loving and affectionate fellow with many pleasing characteristics of the breed, however too closely related to our bloodlines so we retired him.

           He is now called Leo and is a loving companion for his new family.

Kiefer's Pedigree

          This fellow has many wonderful characteristics of the breed however he got a bit bigger then we were hoping for, so we retired him.

           A natural couch potato who loves his beauty sleep this fellow won't have to watch his waistline any more and can just relax and continue his favourite pastime of teasing Tank.

Butler's Pedigree

French Bulldog Image, Lahoussaie Sweet Valentin

"Butler" - Ch. Lahoussaie Sweet Valentin

French Bulldog Image, Hornerbrook's Genuine Treasure

"Maverick" - Hornerbrook's Genuine Treasure

          We lost our amazing boy Maverick last summer to an allergic reaction to a bee sting. We are at a loss for words to describe his absence in our lives as he brought such joy and laughter to us. A true comedian and such a loveable character, not a day goes by where he is not missed.

           He was a wonderful example of the breed and his loving personality and character will forever be missed in our hearts.

Maverick's Pedigree

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